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Fathers Day Craft Ideas!

30 Ideas for Father's Day Crafts:

(Note:  Don't skip #36)

1.  Take a photo of the family and run copies on a copy machine.  Cut out the pictures and put them around the house.  Write love notes on them.  Use a marker to "animate" the pictures.  

2.  Let your kids do a "fill in the blanks" craft.  You type the beginning of a sentence, and let your kids finish the sentence.  Some of the answers will be hilarious, some will be touching.

- My Dad is really good at _______________.

- My Dad is handsome because _____________.

- My Dad loves to play with me because_________.

- My Dad helps me with ____________.

- My favorite memory of Dad is____________.

3.  Have your kids write three sentences about what they like about their dads.

4.  Write a dozen little "i love you" notes and hide them around the house where dad will find them.

5.  Make a movie just for dad with your own home video camera.  Create a story for dad.  Or just let everyone stand in front of the camera and say all the things they love about dad.

6.  Get a big box and decorate it as a television.  Have the kids do a silly news report on the "Dad of the Year" awards.

7.  Learn how to say "I love you" or "I love Dad" using sign language.

8.  Write dad a poem.  If you're not a poet, then write him a silly poem.  Silly is fun!.

9.  Cut out construction paper in the shape of a heart and glue it to a background.

10.  Create drawings on white paper.  Cut out the shapes and glue them to colored construction paper.  Fold to create a home made card.

11. Buy clay pots at a garden center.  Dip the kids hands in child-safe (non-toxic) paint and make hand prints on the pot.  Use permanent markers to write "love you" expressions on the pot.  (Use plenty of common sense and parental supervision)

12.  For older kids, begin a page as "My Dad is..." and let them write a paragraph on their own.

13.  Create a music CD just for your Daddy.  Pay for and download songs like:

- Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle

- He's My Son by Mark Schultz

- Remember Me by Mark Schultz

14.  Give dad framed pictures of him with the kids.

15.  Buy a book on origami or research origami on the web.  There are lots of great projects to do by folding paper.

16.  Buy a birdhouse kit and build and paint dad a birdhouse.

17.  Buy dad a great father movie like "Father of the Bride" or "Parenthood".  Fix him some popcorn and watch together.

18.  Make dad a craft with clay.

19.  Create some original "kid-artwork".

20.  Create a clock from construction paper.  Write something like "I love spending time with you, Dad".

21.  Let your kids use Microsoft Paint to create original art.

22.  Make dad an "I love you website" using free webpages from companies like GeoCities.

23.  Make dad a screen saver for his computer with a family picture and lettering.

24.  Create a puppet show with sock puppets.  The moral of the story is always... we love you daddy!

25.  Get a Wheaties Cereal Box.  Put dads picture on the front and write... 'world's greatest dad'.

26.  Make dad a t-shirt with sponge paints.

27.  Create a family tree on poster board.  Use pictures of mom, dad, and the kids.  Use creative ideas emphasize Dad's picture.

28.  Create your own newspaper on a word processor with headlines about your wonderful dad.

29.  Make your own card using the shape of a shirt or tie.

30.  Write thoughtful things about dad with sidewalk chalk on the driveway, especially where dad parks his car.

31.  Make dad a special dessert, milk shake, or fruit smoothie.

32.  Give dad a great, big hug.

33.  Tell him you love him in the morning.

34.  Tell him you love him at lunch.

35.  Tell him you love him at night.

36.  If you're reading this, you're most likely a parent who wants to create a loving gift from your kids for Dad.  So let me ask you a question.  What are you planning to give your dad?  I've asked a lot of dads about their favorite Father's Day gift of all time.  Want to guess their response?  Far and away, the best and most cherished gift of all times is a hand written letter.  Go for it!

Coming soon... a new and expanded collection of Father's Day Craft ideas!  And ALL WILL BE FREE!  This year the collection will be in a printable PDF format to make printing fast and easy for you.  We will have drawings, poems, sample letters, coloring pages, crafts, and more. If you want to blend crafts and technology, why not send a couple of Fathers Day eCards before the big day and then on Father's day give him that great craft gift. Stay tuned!

Don't forget dear old dad on his special day!  We're putting together a list of ideas for Father's Day crafts.  The craft ideas are age appropriate for the giver.  Take a look and make suggestions if you like.  ALL CRAFT IDEAS ARE ORIGINAL AND FREE FOR YOUR USE.

Crafts from Kids ages 1-3:
Coloring page... "I Love My Daddy" <click...>

Crafts from Kids ages 4-6:

Crafts from Kids ages 6-9:

Crafts from Kids ages 9-12:

Crafts from Teens:

Do you have a suggestion for a great Father's Day Craft idea?  Please let us know!  <more...>



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