Father's Day Gift Baskets



Father's Day Gift Baskets 
by Deborah Shelton

Baskets of goodies are the best kinds of gifts because they are simple to make, fun to give, and even more fun to receive! And the best part is, Dad is guaranteed to love his gift because it's filled with all of his favorite 
things! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

* Is Dad a Fisherman?

Fill a plastic fishing tackle box with homemade fishing lures; a joke book for those many hours waiting for the fish to bite; and a few of his favorite snacks.

* Is Dad a Cook?

Purchase a plain apron with pockets at an art supply store. Decorate the apron with your handprints or draw pictures of Dad's favorite foods. Fill the pockets with new utensils, spices in small plastic jars, and a decorated potholder.

* Is Dad a Golfer?

Fill a few new headcovers with golf balls; personalized 
tees; a small towel; sports drinks; and a sun visor or 

* Is Dad a Handyman?

Fill a small metal toolbox with a new hammer; screwdriver; tape measure; nails; screws; and a few of Dad's favorite snacks. Decorate the inside lid with pictures of you and Dad together.

Almost any container can be filled with surprises that Dad 
will love. Be creative, and have fun with it!

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Father's Day Gift Baskets

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Father's Day Gift Baskets