Fatherís Day Gift Ideas



Fatherís Day Gift Ideas
By Deborah Shelton

Stumped on what to get Dad for his special day? Here are a few fun and creative ways to show him just how loved he really is. 

* Extra Special Father's Day Card
Stretch your arms out, parallel to the floor, and lay your 
arms and head on a sheet of butcher paper. Let someone else trace the outline of your hands, arms and head with a pencil. Fill in the details yourself with crayons and 
markers. At the top of the paper, above your head, 
write "Happy Father's Day!" At the bottom, write "I love 
you thiiiiiiiiiis much!" Roll the paper and place it inside 
of a cardboard paper towel tube. (It's okay if the paper 
pokes out of the ends.) Decorate the tube with stickers.

* Breakfast of Champions
Help prepare Dad's all-time favorite breakfast, and serve 
it to him in bed. Be sure to include orange juice, the 
Sunday newspaper and your special Father's Day card!

* Movie Marathon
Rent Dad's favorite movies; have all of his favorite 
munchies on hand and pile up together on the sofa for a 
movie marathon!

* A Penny for Your Thoughts
Take a leisurely stroll with Dad around the neighborhood, 
and just talk. Super simple and so enjoyable.

* They're Playing Our Song
Call a local radio station and request a special song just 
for your dad. "This next song goes out to Deborah's Dad--she thinks you're the greatest. Happy Father's Day!" Make sure Dad is listening when it plays!

* Zzzzzzzzzz
Give Dad what he really wants: Play quietly while he enjoys a much-deserved nap.

About the Author:
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Fatherís Day Gift Ideas

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Fatherís Day Gift Ideas