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JH Ranch has been in operation for 24 yrs., founded by the Johnston family who, with their 12 children, believed that this piece of property in Northern California had the potential of being used for an eternal purpose.

The ministry and message of the Ranch has never changed- to be faithful to the "practical basics" of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. God has blessed as the resources and talents have been offered, He has ministered to thousands who have come through one of the "Everlasting Adventure" programs.
"I heart and I forgot; I saw and I remembered; I did and I understood"---- one of our mottos.

A special Father/Son program was begun eleven years ago with a vision statement, "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers." Mal. 4:6 

There was such a great response that a Father/Daughter program was added the following year and we now have fiive Parent/Son-Daughter weeks during the summer.

The Parent &Son/Daughter Adventures are one-week programs designed to equip parents with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to effectively build the qualities of adulthood into the lives of their sons and daughters. (ages 12-adulthood)

The Plan: The biblical plan calls for hands-on training in a master-apprentice relationship.

The Focus: Three areas of practical responsibility that come with growing independence:

1. Communication: The degree of influence a parent will have on their sons or daughters in preparation for adulthood
is directly proportional to the level of communication they have established during their bonding years. By taking part in a variety of shared challenges, projects and achievements, not only will relationships be enhanced, but also the level of communication.

2. Bonding: Shared goals, challenges and adventures are often the ingredients needed to build strong and lasting relationships.

3. Maturity: In order to adequately prepare a child for adulthood, specific times of transition are essential, such as

- the Rite of Passage
- the Covenant of Purity
- the Transition Box to Independence

Each Parent and Child will also learn accountability through a follow-up strategy for each goal set and commitment made.

All to say, that being in a undistracted, (away from the office, home, cell phones, computers, etc.) beautiful environment, allows Fathers, Mothers, and students to zero in on the questions, what is my purpose on earth and what am I passing on... to my children, my peers? Obviously, God has the answers and the Ranch staff simply seeks Him to bring those answers through servanthood, modeling, teaching.

Personally, I've noticed that about mid-week, most of the Fathers who attend our programs make this statement, "I came to help my child, be with my child, do something for my child.... but this is really more about me." God IS turning the hearts.

Our summer staff is completely volunteer.... "cream of the crop" college students who set an example of godliness and fun to those who come on the property. Their testimonies and impact cannot be measured.

The latest JH Ranch endeavor has been our Outback programs where the content of the Parent programs is condensed into a week-end event, brought to selected cities; this makes the vision accessible to those who are unable to come to the Ranch location.

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