man in the mirror by patrick morley



man in the mirror by patrick morleyMan in the Mirror
by Patrick Morley
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From the Publisher
Do you know anyone who has ever won the rat race? Probably not. And yet, everywhere you go you see men who are tired--worn out from trying to win this race that nobody wins. 

Is there hope? According to this book, yes . . . absolutely. The Man in the Mirror reveals twenty-four secrets of how to live successfully with the man in your mirror. This book is written for you, the man grappling with the pressure and stress of everyday life. 

Here are some of the questions this book explores: 

- I want my life to count, to make a difference. How can I satisfy my need to be significant? - I'm more financially successful than my parents, but I suspect I many not be better off. Am I missing something? - In the wake of my ambition I have left a trail of broken relationships. Can I have another chance? - Does God want Christians to have money? How much money is enough? - I have made some terrible decisions which have resulted in a lot of suffering. How can I do a better job making life's big decisions? - Sometimes I get so angry I think I'm going to explode! Sometimes I'm paralyzed with fear. How can I conquer these emotions? - If my wife knew my secret thoughts, she would divorce me. I would give anything to master my thoughts. Do other men struggle with a secret thought life? 

With solid answers to these and many other questions just like them, this just could be the most important book you ever read. --This text refers to the Paperback edition. 

From the Author
Business leader, author, and speaker Patrick M. Morley has been used throughout the world to help men and leaders think more deeply about their lives and to equip them to have a larger impact on the world. 

He is the bestselling author of several books, including the award-winning Man in the Mirror, Walking with Christ in the Details of Life, The Rest of Your Life, The Seven Seasons of a Manís Life, Getting to Know the Man in the Mirror, and Devotions for Couples (formerly Two-Part Harmony). 

Morley has a ministry focused on the needs of men and leaders, and teaches a weekly Bible study to men in Orlando, Florida, where he resides with his family.

From the Back Cover
The Man in the Mirror has helped hundred of thousands of men understand the person who stares back at them in the mirror each morning. This powerful book invites men to take a probing look at their identities, relationships, finances, time, temperament, and integrity, and then directs them to take the first step toward lasting change. Featuring focus questions in each chapter The Man in the Mirror is perfect for personal and small group use.



Man in the Mirror
by Patrick Morley
<buy it at Amazon>

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Editor's Note:
Why did I select this book to feature on the Christian Fathers website?  Probably because there is no book (other than the Bible) that has had such an impact on my life.  The Man in the Mirror helped me see the changes that I needed to make in my life that would help me become a better father.  Patrick Morley is one of the most interesting and gifted communicators of our day.



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