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Awesome Dad's Top Ten Communication Intentions
Awesome Dads

An Awesome Dad in by no means perfect. But that itself is perfect, because imperfection allows us to really understand the personal evolution our children are going through with us. The definition of an Awesome Dad, then, is the father who stays in the game, shows up fully and sets powerful intentions to grow into. Here are some: 

I listen with my entire being - and without judgment.
I seek first to understand and appreciate what my children say. From that vantage point, I will build their trust in me and be most supportive. 

I see others as equals, neither superior nor inferior to 
me.  Every person is a unique individual, just like everyone else on the planet. (hee hee)! We each have our own journey and everyone we encounter is integral to our life's objectives. Children are no less important and should be treated with equal respect. 

I engage my curiosity completely.
I truly want to understand and try to grasp all that is 
going on for my children. I want to see the world afresh 
from their perspectives and glean new insights through them. I ask questions without an agenda. 

I consider all perspectives and choose consciously.
In this world of infinite possibilities, I seek to 
understand where everyone is coming from and only then 
choose what resonates most. I share this process with those I love. 

First, do no harm!
I communicate to foster understanding and growth but never to hurt. "Sticks and stones..." I know my words can cut deeper, and the resulting wounds take longer to heal. 

I tell stories that speak to the heart.
When I speak from the heart, my words penetrate other's 
hearts. Parables and personal stories are easy to accept 
and are rarely accusatory, though often funny and 

I articulate the nuances.
I use a rich vocabulary to communicate distinctions that 
will help to raise awareness and expand my family’s 
appreciation of life. 

I understand the power of my touch.
From a gentle touch on the cheek, to a vigorous backrub, to wrestling on the floor, I communicate my love through the powerful medium of touch. And I know when to refrain as well. 

I share what's there.
I discuss difficult issues that warrant open communication without fear. I believe open communication will lead to the greatest family unity, even though the journey may be difficult. 

My actions are congruent with my values.
I am keenly aware that my actions speak louder than my 
words. The best communication is when words and actions match perfectly. Values in action... 

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